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2017 Golf Year In Review

I scaled back my tournament play in 2017.  In previous years I would play one or two majors and nearly all of the local tournaments.  I decided to not play any majors this year.  My performance in majors was disappointing, so I thought skipping a year and focusing on other things would help.  I also play fewer local tournaments.  I skipped a few because I don’t care for the course.

I did start my 2018 season by playing in a major, the Arizona Major at WildFire in Scottsdale, AZ.  Unfortunately I was sick for the tournament with a bad cold.  But I played well.  I shot 41-49 for the first round and 48-46 on the second day.  I tied for 7th which is my best result in a major yet.  I also beat my best major score by 15 shots.

I played 11 tournaments in 2017 and won two, came in second in another two.  I had a few really disappointing tournaments like Falcon Ridge, where my swing was off all day and I put a terrible 109.  On the plus side, I had one of my best performances in a tournament at Prairie Highlands where I shot 43-38 for a personal best tournament score of 81.  I won the Jones Flight again for the third time in four years.

I had only one golf trip in 2017.  My friend Chad and I went to Sea Island, GA and had a fabulous time.  The golf was great and the resort was fantastic.

Goals for 2017

  1. Contend in majors:   I punted on this one.  I did start 2018 with a major and did my best in a major.
  2. 9 GIR/Round:  I believe I averaged about 5.5 GIR/tournament.
  3. 30 putts per round:  I did improve to 32/round
  4. Get Tour Index to 16:  My tour index is 17.3 now and 16 is attainable.
  5. Driver consistency:   This is still a work in progress.  I am getting closer to this goal and it will be a focus for my off season.
  6. Hole in one: still waiting.

Favorite Courses

  1. Seaside at Sea Island
  2. Tournament Club of Iowa
  3. WildFire – Palmer
  4. TPC Scottsdale – Stadium

New Courses to Me

Seaside at Sea Island, Retreat at Sea Island, WildFire – Palmer, Wildfire – Faldo

Best Round

The tournament at Prairie Highlands.  This is my home course, so I am pretty familiar with the course.  I started a little slow with a 43 on the front.  The back was great with 3 bogies, a birdie and the rest pars.  My birdie on 15 was special.  The 15th hole has long been my nemesis and had never even parred the hole until earlier this year.

I had a great practice round at Falcon Lakes where I shot 78.

Best Shot

There were a couple this year that were memorable.  One was in my tournament at Prairie Highlands.  No 10 is par 4 with a deep creek that splits the fairways.  You can play it safe by hitting down the left and playing short of the creek, but it will leave you with at least 160 into the green.  You can try to cross the creek and aim right.  I had honors and I saw my playing partners were trying to decide what to do off the tee.  I went ahead and pulled driver and piped one down the right into the second fairway.  Both the other players proceed to play driver like me and both put their tee shots into trouble.

Also my tee shot at Falcon Lakes no 16 par 5 476 yards.  I crushed my drive almost 300 yards, giving me an approach with a 7i to the green.  I walked away with birdie.

Funny thing about this year, I had 6 chances for eagle.  I managed to get 3 birdies and 3 pars out of it.

Most Disappointing Round

Tournament at Falcon Ridge.  It is a course I am very familiar with but was off all day.

Goals for 2018

  1. Get promoted to the Sarazen flight.
  2. No tournament scores above 99.
  3. More tournaments in the 80s than the 90s.
  4. Make my driver a more reliable club.
  5. Hole in one: still waiting.



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