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2019 Golf Year in Review

My 2019 season saw some improvement.  I stayed in the Jones flight and I played the fewest tournaments since when I first started in 2010.  I played one major, Greyhawk in Scottsdale, and that was a big disappointment mainly due to a really bad playing partner.

My scores in the local tournaments were about the same as last year, a mix of 80s and 90s and none in the 100s.  I had personal bests on 3 courses, though not as good as last year when I had 5.

I finished with 3 wins and 1 second place.  By the end of the season I felt like I should be able to win any tournament.  I struggled with my driver until the end of the season when it really came around.  My putting was worse this year and I’ll have to work on that in the off season.

No golf trips this year, but I have a big one planned for 2020 to Bandon.

Goals from 2018

1. Get promoted to the Sarazen flight. — I got within a stroke, but that went up to 2 by the off season.

2. Win 5 tournaments. — Close, had 3 out of 9.

3. More tournaments in the 80s than the 90s. — Eh, four of out nine.

4. Get the driver more consistent. — By the end of the season it was better than ever.

5. Get some eagles. — Ugh, still waiting

Favorite Courses

I didn’t travel for golf this year, not even making it to Iowa of Oklahoma, so I’ll give the honor to Greyhawk.

New Courses to Me


Bets Round

The tournament at Falcon Lakes.  I beat my personal best tournament score with a 82 and beat an 11 man field.  I did it with a lot of pars and bogeys and little else.

Best Shot

This wasn’t in a tournament but at my home course.  I was playing on a Sunday in the fall while the Chiefs were playing.  I got paired with a younger guy who obviously worked out a lot.  He tees off on no. 1 and hits a beaut down the middle, I’m guessing 260-270.  I step up, having maybe 6″ less in height and 20 lbs of spare tire.  I hit a great high draw.  We walk down and there is my ball, 10 yards further than his.

Most Disappointing Round

Tournament at Redfield, only for the weather.  It was about 48 when we teed off.  After four holes it starts raining. At the turn the wind picked up.  By the end I couldn’t feel my hands anymore.  I don’t know why I didn’t withdraw.

Goals for 2020

1. Get promoted to the Sarazen flight.

2. Win 5 tournaments and play in more.

3. More tournaments in the 80s than the 90s.

4. Get more birdies.

5. Get some eagles.


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