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I had a lesson this morning with Julie at Minor Park. I didn’t have anything in particular I wanted to work on but we discovered my wedges and short irons were pulling. I was aiming to the right and turning my shoulders too quick, resulting in a pull 10-15 yards to the left. We fixed my issue with aim. What was left was the fact that I was trying to hit the ball instead of swing the club. It gave me a lot of tension in swing. So Julie had me work on removing the tension in my upper body by focusing it in my legs. I tense up my legs on purpose and that lessens the tension in my arms and shoulders. I also focused on swinging easier. My ball flight straightened out and went much higher. I’m really pleased with the results. It is far from automatic, but I my misses aren’t any worse than before, so it is already better.

I’ll get to test out the changes tomorrow at the AmTour tournament at Falcon Lakes. Wish me luck.