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Welcome back

Things look a little different here at My old hosting service came up for renewal a couple of weeks ago and I considered how I was using my websites. In case you hadn’t noticed, my posts have been infrequent. It wasn’t worth the annual fee to retain my old hosting service. I have moved to a new service that is less powerful but cheaper.

I am also changing my approach to my blog. I will post things I want to share and avoid certain topics. I will not talk about politics. The Internet is a political echo chamber. If you have the same ideology as me, none of my posts will be news to you. If you have a different ideology nothing I say will change your mind. And if you are an independent, you probably don’t pay enough attention to politics anyway.

I will not post anything about my family members in show business. They certainly don’t need promotion from me. When Michael got the part on Lost my readership grew considerably, mostly people hoping to get some info that isn’t available otherwise. I was never comfortable with that especially when some of them grew to expect sometime out of me. So no scoops from me and I probably will never mention them again.

My posts will be about other things that are important to me: pop culture and golf. I used to have a website for the Iowa Hawkeyes but I didn’t have the time to commit to doing it well, so it is retired. I will be starting a new site just for golf, talking about equipment, courses and the tour.

I’m not bringing over my historical posts from the old hosting service. This is a fresh start. I will be playing with the design and features for the site over the next few weeks until I find something I like. Stay tuned.


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