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2012 Golf Year in Review

I made some good progress in 2012, but ultimately didn’t find success.

Goal #1 Break 80  This was successful and I managed to do it twice. The first was at Minor Park and I followed it up a couple of weeks later at Shoal Creek.  The funny thing about both rounds was that I wasn’t hitting great shots, just not making bad ones.

Goal #2 Average 8 GIR/round I started the year at 4 GIR/round and ended at 5 GIR/round. I found the best practice for this was playing par 3 courses. Those helped my approach shots.  In my last tournament of the season I got 9 GIR at Shoal Creek, so I am capable of hitting this. This one stays on the books for 2013.

Goal #3 Average 32 putts/round I started the year at 35 putts/round and finished with 34 putts/round. I need to keep practicing. I feel like I am a better putter than the stats show. The area that gives me trouble is the 6′-12′ putts. I need to make more of those. I am a good lag putter and a good at under 6′, but the rest aren’t so good.

Goal #4 Lower index to 12.0 My index started at 16.1 and stayed mostly the same, ending at 15.3. I’m not keeping this on the books for 2013.  I’m not concerned about my index, but the things that affect my index.

Goal #5 Reduce penalties In 2011 I averaged 3.3/round and I got that down to 2.6 in 2012. I had a couple of tournaments that were penalty free. I need to keep working on this.

Goal #6 Shoot more in the 80’s than the 90’s and never in the 100’s I did fairly well at this one.  My 80’s rounds were nearly equal to my 90’s.  I did have 5 rounds over 100. I need to apply this to my tournament play more than anything.

Goal #7 Spend less money on golf I did well on this. I didn’t feel like I wasted as much as I had been, even though I played about as much I normally do. I believe I bought only 2 pairs of shoes for the year. I did play fewer tournaments than the previous year, but that won’t be the case in 2013.  The schedule is full of courses I want to play.

My regret for the year was not winning any tournaments. I played well in a few tournaments and came in 2nd or 3rd, but someone managed to play better that day. A couple of my main competitors ended up getting promoted to the next flight by the end of the season. I was in the middle of the pack on the Jones flight. My tour index improved but I am still a ways from getting promoted to the Sarazen flight.

Goals for 2013

1. Win my flight  This counts for winning at least one tournament and winning the season.  I am capable of this and I know I will accomplish it.

2. 32 putts/round  See last year

3. 9 GIR/round  See last year

4. < 2 penalties/round  See last year.  This one is a good measure for how I do in a tournament.

5. 10 fairways/round  It is a lot easier getting on the green from the short grass. I know I can do this one.  I’ve had tournaments were I missed only 1 or 2 fairways.  I may not be a long hitter but I can hit it straight.

6. Tour index of 16  I’m not f0cused on lowering it to the point of promotion, but if I meet the other goals, this will happen.

7. Tour scoring average below 90  See goal 6.

8. Hole in one  I never had this on my list because I always figured if you wanted it, it wouldn’t happen.  I’ll admit it, I want one.

Highlights of 2012

Best round  My tournament round at Drumm Farm was the best. I played penalty free, shot my first tournament round in the 80’s and still came in 3rd (beat by 2 guys now in the Sarazen flight). I played steady and didn’t make many mistakes. That was one of the few rounds I felt like I played to my capability. Funny thing is I couldn’t tell you about any one good shot for the entire day.

Best shot  There are a couple though nothing was earth shattering. At the tournament at Sycamore Ridge I had a great drive on 15, a short dogleg right par 4. I went over the trees in the dogleg and ended up about 20 yards short of the green. A short pitch and one putt and I had a birdie and a skin.

Disappointing Round  This is an easy one, the round at the Cove at the Lodge of the Four Seasons, a regional major for the Golf Channel Am Tour. I started this round really well, felt like my swing was predictable. I was playing right with my competitors in my threesome.  On the 7th hole, (no. 16) I couldn’t find the fairway. I had 5 tee shots before I got it in play, and ended with a 14 on the hole.  The sad thing is the hole wasn’t difficult.  And that hole screwed me.  If I had put up a double bogey instead of a 14, I would have finished 3rd in my flight instead of 9th. I really had some nice shots on that course and I was really hoping for another chance this year.  Unfortunately they changed the site again for the major and it is moving to Branson. The 14 will be my worst hole ever in competition. At least I hope it will.

Favorite Courses I played in 2012

1. Firekeeper

2. Harvester

3. Creekmoor

4. The Preserve at Rathbun Lake

New Courses to Me

Fred Arbanas, Firekeeper, Creekmoor, The Preserve at Rathbun Lake, Jester Park, The Deuce at the National, Painted Hills, Sunflower Hills, The Ridge/The Cove at the Lodge of the Four Seasons, Chamberlyne, Eagle Creek, Harvester

Noted to play in 2013

Tomahawk Hills (been meaning to play this for the past few years), Hillcrest, Alvamar, Paradise Pointe

Also I am going to break 90 at Swope Memorial if it kills me.


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